Corsocomo Daybed Meroni & Colzani
Corsocomo Daybed Meroni & Colzani

Corsocomo Daybed Meroni & Colzani

Corsocomo Daybed by Meroni & Colzani shows sophisticated simplicity. Essential lines and visible details such as the stitching and the solid wood foot. The wooden structure, padded with polyurethane, is upholstered in leather or fabric.

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Structure: Wood, padded with polyurethane

Cover: Leather or fabric (not removable)



Meroni & Colzani offers accessories and complements to make everyday life even more pleasant. The Corsocomo daybed recalls the style of the homonymous series of furnishing products, combining simplicity, elegance and comfort.

Meroni & Colzani is an Italian luxury furnishings company. Its creations combine quality materials and technical innovation. The company was born from the union of two historical brands of Italian craftsmanship, Meroni and Colzani, both with a wealth of knowledge regarding furniture and textile finishes, matured over 50 years of activity. The creations are 100% handcrafted to promote Made In Italy all over the world.

MC Lab is the internal Meroni & Colzani design department. Its involved in art direction and coordination of all design projects. From prototyping phases to prototyping phases, all furniture needs the MC Lab approval for receive the “custom made” specification. All custom creations are the result of the collaboration between MC Lab, architects and artisan that collaborate with Meroni & Colzani.


260 x 85 x H 38 cm

MC Lab

About Brand

Meroni & Colzani

MADE in ITALY is a crucial element in company concept. The production of all MC Meroni & Colzani's products and custom-made projects is entirely carried out by Italian craftsmen who can shape and treat fine materials, like wood, leather and value fabrics, and can use latest technology to grant amazing processing. MC Meroni & Colzani was established with the clear objective of provide Italian and worldwide customer  a sense of familiarity and exclusivity, paying meticulous attention to details and creating products that are akin to bespoke tailoring.

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